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Shake & Vape is a way to prepare your e-liquid, you prepare 60ml of your liquid with a base booster in flavors available in bottle filled with 40 to 50 ML. You can mix it with either a 10 ml base, or with 1 booster 10 ml 9 mg (after mixing +/- 1.5 mg) or 1 booster packs 10 ml 18 mg (after mixing +/- 3 mg.


  • Frost & Furious by Pulp
  • Juicy Bar
  • Element e-liquids
  • Pulp Kitchen
  • Dinner Lady

    Wet your appetite with our tangy Lemon Tart, blending gooey meringue with the zest of fresh lemons. Maybe you’d prefer the irresistible velvety taste of our Strawberry Custard will be your favourite – a must with its silky combination of creamy custard and butter caramel overlaid with strawberries…mmm! For a true taste of the old school what about our Cornflake Tart, a traditional but delectable mix of syrup with a punchy layer of jam – everything but the crunch! And last but not least, the new dessert to add to the menu – smooth, creamy Rice Pudding with an irresistable add to the mixture; mouth-watering, raspberry jam.

  • Teleos Breakfast
  • Coud Niners
  • Bamskilicious
  • Jin and juice

    Jin & Juice is a French juicemaker on the vape scene since 2014.
    Jason, the creator of the brand Jin & Juice offers gourmet recipes, balanced in aromas and vape in all-day.

    Their products are manufactured in their own laboratory in the north of France. They thus master the entire production process of their formulations. Our traceability is integral.

    Good luck to you all.

  • 52 AV

    -52 AV combines gourmet flavors bringing you closer to the greatest Roman emperors.
    IN VAPO VERITAS, the truth is in the vape!

  • Beard Vape CO

    Beard Vape Co is far from being like any other juice company. In a lineup of thousands of eliquid brands, Beard Vape Co's iconic logo and top selling flavors will standout 10 times out of 10.Started in March of 2014 in the back of Nana's Vape Shop in Venice, California, two brothers (Brady Bates and Casey Bates) and a close friend (Colbey Pfund) realized they had the ability to create a product that was just as exceptional as the ones they were selling.

  • Kernel vapor
  • e-tasty
  • Glas
  • One hit Wonder
  • Skwezed
  • Vaping Birdy
  • Bazooka
  • Mad Halter
  • Kilo
  • Devil
  • Fat Juice Factory by Pulp
    Lie, Maestro, stay cool in all circumstances, make beautiful scrolls of these superb eliquids of the Fat Juice Factory to refocus and feel the pleasure to infuse you.
  • Mister Magoose
  • Pop Corn Party
  • Swish
  • Belgi'Ohm

    Pure Belgian juice

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Showing 1 - 24 of 231 items